Automatic updater for Android applications

Recently I’ve started to develop a few Android applications with some friends, and as soon as I started to make updates I faced a problem: how can I tell my beta testers to update the application to the latest test version?

I could email them all every time, but I’d need to have all their email addresses. I could use a service such as Zubhium (by the way, they have a very good user support), but for a small application such as mine that’s an overkill.

So what could I do? I had to write a custom updater, of course.

The UpdateChecker I created is really easy to use:

So it’s just two lines of code. All you need is:

  • A text file on a server which contains the version name of the latest apk
  • The updated apk file on a server

 Download the Java Class HERE and a ready to use jar HERE


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